Aksaray University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences was founded in 1992 under Nigde University based on Law No. 3837. The faculty had three departments: Business Administration, Economics and Public Administration at those times.

Teaching and learning activities began in the Department of Business Administration with 73 students in 1993-1994 academic year. Aksaray University was separated from Nigde University with the order of the Official Gazette No: 26111 on 17 March 2006.

In addition to Business Administration, Political Science and Public Administration and Economics departments, the Department of Public Finance was added in 2009, the Department of of International Relations is added in 2010 and the Department of Management Information Systems was added to our faculty in 2013.

We have teaching and learning activities in all departments except fort he Department of International Relations. Students are admitted to Public Administration bachelor’s degree program in 2007, to Economics in 2011, to Management Information Systems in 2013 and to Public finance in 2014.

The official name of the Public Administration Department was changed to “The Department of Political Science and Public Administration”  on 05.11.2014.

The number of students in our faculty is 3643 by June 2018. Besides, we have 94 full-time academic and 13 administrative staffs in our faculty.